Bringing dignity and comfort to women in crisis

Betty Cares Foundation is a not-for-profit which donates clothing packs to women in crisis, across Australia and New Zealand.

Partnering with hospitals, refuge centres and organisations, Betty Cares Foundation distributes clothing packs to vulnerable women in need. Clothing packs come in sizes 6-22 and include basic essentials that help to bring dignity and comfort to women in crisis.

Betty Cares Foundation is funded through a 5% donation from all wholesale sales of the Betty Basics Essentials clothing range.


Packs donated in 2021


Healthcare Partners


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Do you represent a hospital or refuge facility?

Apply to become a Betty Cares Foundation Health Associate and access free clothing packs for your facility to donate to your most vulnerable patients.

It's easy to apply - just give us a call on (03) 9412 5222 or email us at hello@bettycaresfoundation.com

Betty Cares For Women

of the North

Northern Health Foundation has partnered with Betty Cares Foundation with the aim to provide clothing packs to vulnerable women who present for treatment to our hospital.